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At Practical HR, we like to keep our clients as informed as possible. One way in which we do this is by posting regular news articles highlighting what we think might be of interest to you. Here you can find information and updates relating to HR and employment law.

Holidays For Part-Time Employees
The minimum statutory holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks (which equates to 28 days, if an employee works a five or six day ...
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We get many enquiries about Managing Absence and according to the Office for National Statistics an estimated 137.3 million days ...
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What Does Equal Opportunities In The Workplace Mean?
We've all heard the words ‘equal opportunities' being used, but what does it really mean to ensure that all employees ...
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How To Manage Probationary Periods
Many Companies adopt a probationary period when appointing new employees.  By setting a probationary period a newly recruited employee is ...
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