About Practicalhr

Practical HR has been providing HR Consultancy services to SME's since 2002.  We pride ourselves on taking a pragmatic and commercial approach to HR and understanding the needs of SME's.

Our practical approach also means that we are always looking for easier and more effective ways of doing things. We have therefore embraced technology and integrated this into our services, allowing us to offer different options and deliver efficiencies to our clients.

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Our aim is to provide HR solutions that will help you move your business forward. This means making HR easier, providing support that can be understood and easily implemented.  Our team are extremely well versed in the legal and practical aspects of HR which means we can offer solutions that help support your business.

Our unique and innovative solution,, provides a framework where we create an online space for all your HR and draft and maintain all your HR documents for you. It has multiple features that support you and help streamline HR administration and communication. gives you the freedom to make HR decisions with confidence while also dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on HR.

Meet the Team

Here to help you move your business forward and to make your HR easier.

The Practical HR team have and continue to use their experience, knowledge and expertise to provide practical solutions through their services and products.  If there are any elements of your HR that you need assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

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