COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Further to the spread of COVID-19, and considering the nature and volume of enquiries we’ve had, which are typically regarding how the virus is likely to impact on work, self-isolation and all related matters, we have looked at the best way to keep you up to date.

ACAS have published practical advice for employers and employees here. This is being updated on a daily basis and will therefore provide up to date guidance. You can also can stay on top of government information here, and find NHS updates and recommendations here.

Of course as always you can call us on 01702 216 573 if you want to discuss a particular situation.

If your business is, or is likely to be impacted you may want to discuss options, including possible short time working or even redundancies. None of us want it to come to this, but it is better to be prepared and aware of the options we have in any situation. We hope the links to information are useful, and please contact us if we can be of further assistance.

If you feel that you need guidance or advice on this matter, please call Practical HR on 01702 216573 or email us at