FREE Health & Safety Guidance and Documents for Home Working.

FREE Health & Safety Guidance and Documents for Home Working.

Many organisations have had to quickly implement home working and set up the required technology due to the coronavirus. But now, as so many of us are working from home, its time to consider some of the related matters, namely HR and Health & Safety.  Employment law and H&S regulations still apply when people are home working.   

To that end, we are providing the documents listed below FREE to any SME organisation.

These documents have been drafted by HR & Health & Safety experts and provide practical information and documents you can use today. They have been provided ahead of a new service that will be a collaboration between and H&S experts. Given the current crisis we wanted to provide these NOW, so that SMEs can use them. 

Home Working Documents Include:

  • A policy on home working during the coronavirus
  • Guidance for employees working from home
  • A home (self) risk-assessment
  • Guidance to managers managing remote teams
  • A guide to employers responsibilities for those who are home working.

If you would like a copy of these documents, please just follow this link (or go to and the link at the bottom of the page Home Working Downloads).

For those with, we can present this information on your site and even provide you with an on-line DSE for your team to complete. Please contact us at or call us on 01702 789078 if you would like this added to your site.