Getting your Team to take the pressure off you

Getting your Team to take the pressure off you

The biggest factor causing owners of SMB (small and medium sized businesses) stress I come across is caused by time pressures.

There are just not enough hours in the day.

The business is busy and all the employees are also under pressure. No one has any time to take any of the pressure off the owner. Fear of taking on extra costs and the desire to ‘squeeze the pips’ before an investment results in the acceptance by the owner of the stress.

It’s what has to be done in this competitive world we live in.


Well no!

So here is an easy solution that will generate much needed time throughout an organisation.

Conduct a ‘spring clean’ of all all the existing systems, processes and activities carried out in your business. I guarantee that in any organisation that has been running for some time there will be mini systems and processes that were set up to sort out an exceptional situation which are no longer relevant but which are still being carried out.

Now I know it sounds too simple but I could spend hours giving you examples that I have found over the years. But that would be a waste of time!

Just set up your mind to look for wastage.

Ask what would happen if this task or process was no longer done? If the answer is nothing then why is it still being done?

Go on have a go!

Take a look, spend ten minutes and see what you find.

Start with yourself, you might be surprised!

Covered in ‘The Levels – Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge’ Chapter 8