Certain industries have a high turnover of employees in the first few months as a result or resignations or dismissals.  Partly this can be due to the recruitment and selection process or maybe due to a poorly designed or non-existent induction.

By undertaking regular reviews with an employee in their probationary period, you can understand whether the employee has any concerns regarding their employment and also discuss with them whether they are meeting the standards required.

It is valuable to obtain feedback from employees leaving the organisation to understand why employees have resigned.  Not all employees will feel that they are able to be open and honest with their manager regarding the reason for them leaving, particularly if it is in relation to a co-worker.

There are a variety of ways in which you can obtain feedback from employees when they leave.  One way in which this can be undertaken is by holding a face to face exit interview, although you may want to consider who conducts this as the employee maybe more open with someone other than their line manager.

If the employee does not feel comfortable with a meeting to discuss the reasons why they are leaving, you may also wish to consider offering them the opportunity of completing an exit interview questionnaire.

There are many areas that can assist in improving retention such as maximising opportunities for employees to progress their careers within the business, consider sideways moves where promotions are not feasible, have processes in place that demonstrate to staff they are treated fairly and consistently and by providing job applicants with a realistic overview of the job role and culture of the organisation at the recruitment stage.

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