There are good contracts of employment and poor ones. What makes it good or bad may depend on your perspective – so to clarify, I am talking about ‘good’ in terms of providing protection and flexibility for the organisation. Why is this important? Because unless you protect the business, you cannot protect your employees. No business, no jobs!

In my experience, business owners are not out to screw their employees. They actually want to be good employers.  And equally, in my experience, most employees want to come to work and do a good job – they don’t set out to screw their employer!

But there are exceptions. To protect employees in these situations there is a whole raft of employment law that employers have to comply with. To protect the organisation they need good contracts of employment.

It’s also a fact that we are all pretty rubbish at communicating! We are all busy and make assumptions that people know what we mean and hear what we say. Nope! How many times have you heard ‘l didn’t mean that’, ‘I don’t remember that conversation’. How many times has someone completely misinterpreted what you have said?

We are all guilty of this and I’d love to say we just need to get better at communicating (which we do), but in the meantime, we need to employ strategies that recognise this and bridge the gap. Good contracts of employment are your starting point. They are a reference point for the organisation and the employee. This is why the first question when there is a dispute is ‘what does the contact say’?

So do yourself a favour and make sure you have great contracts of employment. This does not mean being onerous. It means providing clarity. It means providing protection and flexibility. It means being a responsible employer.

If you don’t have written contracts of employment or you have not reviewed yours in some time, take a look at our Professional Templates that provide cost-effective solutions that could save you a lot of pain down the road, or talk to us about our bespoke contract drafting services.

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