Back in January, we reported that the provisional statistics from the Ministry of Justice revealed that tribunal claims for the quarter July to September 2017 rose by 64%. These were the first statistics since tribunal fees were abolished in July 2017.

It was strongly suspected that the number of claims being lodged would continue to rise and the latest provisional statistics from the Ministry of Justice for the quarter October to December 2017, have confirmed just that.  Compared to the same quarter in 2016, the employment tribunals have seen a staggering increase of 90% for single claims made. No wonder the statistics also show that the caseload outstanding is at 66%.

I strongly suspect that these figures represent the ‘new norm’ and the number of claims will only go in one direction – and that is upwards.

Weaknesses in practices, procedures and policies do bring claims. So review yours and ensure they are watertight. Managers should also be fully trained to deal with workplace issues.

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