One of the main factors of recruitment is making sure you have chosen an individual who will ‘fit in’ with your organisation. No employer wants to train a new employee for them only to leave when they realise that the Company just ‘isn’t for them’.

One way of making sure you select the right individual for a vacancy is by giving them prior access to your employee handbook. A good Company handbook will cover several topics that will help an individual decide if you really are the Company for them:

Company Values and Mission Statement – viewing these, a possible new employee can decide whether they agree with the organisation’s values & ethos and whether they feel they can work within them. An employee who is passionate about your organisation’s values will be dedicated to accomplishing the goal.

Company Culture – Everybody wants to know how a Company is going to treat them . Your organisation’s beliefs, principles and management style will give any potential employee an opportunity to see whether they feel they can be incorporated into these and add value.

Benefits – If your handbook contains information regarding employee benefits, this will allow a possible new employee to see exactly how you will reward them for their hard work. Job-seekers will also be able to see firsthand what sets you apart from the others and why they should come and work for you.

So if a potential employee can see in advance what you will expect from them and what you can offer, they are in a perfect position to make a considered decision about any offer of employment.

By giving them access at this early stage, you are also showing potential new employees that you take HR seriously and act as a responsible employer. For any ‘rogue’ employees out there, this will put them off. They will know they will not be able to ‘play games’ with you so will de-select themselves!

Plus by giving access to your employee handbook to potential employees in advance, you are significantly reducing your need for induction – saving time and money!

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