Why is it important to get a Reference for a new employee?

Why is it important to get a Reference for a new employee?

I often get calls from Clients wanting advice on their options with new employees that are not working out for one reason or another.

Recruiting and training can be a costly exercise and getting the right person for the job is important.

During an interview, people wanting the job will always be on their best behaviour so it is not always easy to identify any ‘cracks’ that may later appear.

I always advise Clients that a job offer should be subject to the receipt of satisfactory references and ideally this should also be in their contract of employment.  Successful candidates should be asked to provide 2 references, 1 of which should be their last employer.

The rules around referencing is that they should be factual therefore when seeking a reference, it is important to ask the right sort of questions.

Obtaining a satisfactory reference does not necessarily identify any concerns that may arise later on, but they can highlight any issues that a previous employer may have had with the individual.

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