Providing Affordable Outsourced HR Services
Throughout The UK
Est 2002.
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Providing Affordable Outsourced HR Services
Throughout The UK
Est 2002.

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HR to help you move your business forward

We help you reduce risk, ensure compliance and make HR decisions with confidence.  We help you resolve workplace issues or disputes, develop your people and put in place effective HR foundations that will support your business.

We have a unique HR framework that will help prevent problems from arising in the first place, give you protection and flexibility and help take the worry and hard work out of HR. We provide a wide range of HR Services in Essex, London and nationwide.


HR Compliance at a monthly price to suit any sized business is a space for all your HR documentation, communication and administration. All your HR policies, procedures, codes of conduct and general employment information is drafted for you by HR consultants and tailored to your business.

Expert HR Consultancy

We understand the problems and frustrations that can arise for SME’s (we are an SME ourselves) and how challenging and time-consuming HR can be.  We can help you save time, resolve problems and alleviate frustrations! Our HR consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in HR, employment law and working with SME's.

We can help you with any employment situation, provide training to managers and develop your team or help you implement and maintain effective HR foundations.

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HR Template Solutions for SME's with a Limited Budget

Our Professional Templates are designed for smaller organisations or those with a limited budget. They provide easy to use templates to help you put the right HR documents in place.

Templates include: Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks, Appraisals and GDPR for HR.

They are a great entry level product and ensure you meet basic legal requirements when it comes to key areas of HR.

First Line Support

Our HR reference site is your first line of support for guidance on key areas of HR. Written specifically for SME's in plain English it covers the most common areas of HR that affect SME's on a day to day basis.

It includes over 150 template letters, policy documents and forms, covering areas such Holidays & Absences, Family Friendly, Disciplinary & Grievance, Equal Opportunities, Termination and much more.

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The Ultimate Guide To HR For SMEs:

HR for SMEs – 3 steps to building your human resources foundation is the second edition of the amazon best seller, HR for SMEs.

HR for SMEs helps demystify HR and explains the role it plays in an SME organisation.

It gives a clear road map to help you put in place a solid HR foundation that will provide protection and flexibility for your business, while also setting boundaries and improving engagement for employees.

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